Mission Statement
“Citizens for a Better Environment (CBE) shall be an organisation dedicated to developing, promoting and implementing sustainable environmental and economic policies. CBE shall utilise research, public education, community organisation, legislation and litigation in achieving goals of social economic and environmental justice.”
 Aims And Strategic Objectives
  • To mount awareness campaigns on the negative effects of mining and industrial activities on the environment which result in land degradation, natural resources depletion, destruction of ozone layer, indiscriminate destruction of wildlife and aquatic resources
  • To advocate for the compliance to laws, regulations and conventions related to the protection and preservation of the socio-economic and biophysical environment
  • To monitor activities of mining companies, industries and civic institutions which potentially can contribute to the destruction of the environment
  • To aid victims of environmental injustice by use of all lawful means possible in order to secure compensation for personal or other injuries. To this end, CBE shall advocate for meaningful compensation for victims of displacement, relocation and poor environmental management practices
  • To conduct seminars and workshops in schools, colleges, universities, industrial sites, councils and other public places on sustainable environmental management issues
  • To advocate for policy and legislation reviews related to protecting the environment
  • To foster partnerships or enter into appropriate arrangements with any person, institution, local or foreign for the purpose of attaining the above aims and objectives
  • To promote or assist or contract any person or company or government or international organisation to secure a better environment for national, continental or global citizens